Another Taser Death 

Another Taser Death

Broward County, FL Sheriff's Deputies used a taser on a subject resisting arrest and the suspect ended up dying. The autopsy concluded the cardiac arrest was induced by cocaine in the suspect's system. Are tasers safe and should police continue using them? I don't think the question has been fully addressed yet. Taser International, of course, has done its own research and claimed (as one might expect) that the taser is not a health risk to suspects. However, since 2001, there have been over 100 deaths where the use of a police taser was involved. Granted, suspects who resist police assume all risks that entails. But, are the tasers being used too liberally? Do we really have conclusive evidence to support just how safe they are? At what point is a taser "overkill?" There have been several controversial incidents where tasers were used on children. I don't think we truly know yet just how safe the taser is and before that question is answered, we shouldn't be using them so liberally on suspects. Click here for the full Article

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Comment another bloody monday and again if it wasnt reading these messages i dont know what I would do

Tue Apr 11, 2006 1:42 pm MST by bob

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